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Some Tips and Tricks for Selling in Society6 (Also Redbubble, Zazzle, etc.)

Some Tips and Tricks for Selling in Society6

I want to share some of my tips and tricks selling in websites like society6, zazzle, etc. based on my experience. This is a repost from my other blog. I sell my art in that websites since 2 years ago and I want to share with you some of my knowledge and I hope it can help you to reach sales. I feel happy if you can success and gain a lot of sales.

If I have new knowledges or experiences I will update in my blog soon. I already write some tips in Bahasa Indonesia before and now I try to write in English because I want to help people not just in Indonesia but also in other country. Also, I update with some new tips in this article. Sorry If my English is not too good :p .
Ok, let’s start, here’s the tips:

1. Read the FAQ, How It Works, or Terms and Condition Article Before
If you selling your art in that websites, don’t be lazy to read the FAQ or another articles what you should do in that article. Some people just feel lazy to read the definition, what should they do, or the FAQ (especially for those who don’t use English as native language). They choose to ask another people to translate and tell it for them (whereas the topics which they ask already written clearly in FAQ). Have you ever heard about Google Translate or another dictionary? If you feel lazy just for translate the FAQ, how could you develop your bussiness? How can you survive your bussiness?

2. Be patient
This bussiness is just like another kind of bussiness who need patient and focus. This bussiness is like long-term investation. You can’t have the benefit not just in one or two night. I got my first sales 1 year after I join and sell my artwork there before now I can get enough income. I read the success stories from another people and they also wait for months even years before they can enjoy their much benefit. So, be patient and keep trying! :)

3. Don’t put your eggs in one basket
Place your artwork not just in one website, you can place your design in society6 also redbubble and zazzle to gain more sales.

4. Be consistant
The more products in your gallery, the more chance you have sales. It is because buyers have many options to buy products which they like. It is impossible to have many sales if you just have two products in your gallery. And the way you have much products in your gallery is consistancy. Consistant upload your artwork in everyday or everyweek. The example is, If you consistant upload two artworks in one week, you can have much portofolio in one year.

5. Interact with another artist
You can promote, give comment, or appreciate another artist artworks. You can also join the group to interact. If you want another people appreciate your artwork you have to appreciate another people artwork. Tips for you, if you comment another artist artwork, I recommend you to tell what you like about that artwork, the colors, layout, or etc. It makes the artist feel that you put your attention with their artwork and appreciate it.

6. Make seasonal artwork
You can make special theme artwork for Christmas, Valentine, or etc. According to my experience, I make special artwork for winter holiday and gain biggest sales in December holiday.

7. You must easily find
Make nice website, facebook fan page, twitter, email or another social media. Promote your artworks there. You must easily find with buyers or your fans. Separate it with your private account. The websites like society6 often give special promos, like free worldwide shipping, discount and etc. You can promote and share in your social media to gain more sales. Make interesting material promo design for that.

8. Don’t forget to write desription and tags
Some artist feel lazy to write description and tags for their artwork. Write appropriate description and tags for your artwork. This is for making buyers easy to find your artworks in Google SEO.

9. Show your real products picture
You can buy your own product, take picture of it and posting in your social media. Or, you can ask your buyers to take picture with your product and posting in social media.

10. Improve your artwork qualities
In the end, the quality value of your artworks will speak. Improve your skills, make beautiful artworks and let the artworks “speak” to your buyers.

11. Share with another people
Share your knowledge with another people. Or you can give free design like postcard design, wrapping paper design, etc. to attract potential buyers.

Ok, I hope this article can help you

Have a nice day :)


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